Our design center offers a unique and comprehensive design process guiding our customer from concepts and ideas to full scale drawings. This design process will ensure that your landscape dreams become realities.

computer-designLANDSCAPE DESIGN

Get your creative juices flowing!  At JD’s Landscaping we will work with you to get the dream lawn designed and implemented.  Our award-winning design team will work closely with you to make certain the mental pictures of your landscapes come to life.  We can, if you desire, create a plan for you.

In either case, JD’s Landscaping will assist you in reaching your goals, always with an eye toward your budget. Through creation to the final design, we are equipped to make any project, big or small, come to life.  This process enables us to address each step in your landscaping vision and allows us to determine future landscaping needs, potentially savings you thousands of dollars.


Landscape lighting can have a dramatic effect on your landscape. In addition to providing safety and security benefits, a good lighting design and installation can create moods that are soft and subtle, dramatic and dynamic. Lighting can highlight features of structures, plants and the property. It can make outdoor spaces usable at night while adding a magical view when viewed from inside your home.

Our low-voltage systems not only save on your energy bill, but the quality of light surpasses that of an ordinary
110 voltage system.  At JD’s Landscaping we can work with you to design the perfect lighting system to meet your needs.